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Three repo guys accidentally steal a car with a girl and money in the trunk. But little did they know it was owned by two insane hitmen. They need to find a way to give the car back and save the girl without getting themselves killed in the process.
- Written by Justin W. Smith
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My Little Eye: Action Comedy
Sarah Warren's debut feature film, MLE, a comedic spy thriller. Based on a true story.

UK / Canada 2015.
Director: Sarah Warren.
Starring: Deidre Garcia, Jo Price, Paul Haggis, Orion Lee, Ryan Mercier, Mitchell Mullen, Mike Figgis & Sarah Warren. 98 min.

Julie Robert is an actor. No, not that one. When her dream role falls through she's on the verge of giving up when a mysterious couple hire her to spy on their daughter. But what seems like a perfect acting opportun
Bad Blood: Action Drama
When You Spill Bad Blood, Revenge Is Sweet.

Blood is thicker than water and when it’s gets bad, drama and chaos always reign, as two FBI agents race to infiltrate a Silicon Valley crime ring to avenge the brutal death of a fellow agent and bring street justice to a wicked mob boss.
Produced and Directed by Justin W. Smith for Jaylin Films. In association with Stacks Entertainment.
An action drama movie. Urban Action Thriller.
Trap Talez: Action Drama
Trap Talez: (2015) Action/Crime Drama Movie, Urban action film.

Action, Drugs, Gunplay, Gang violence, drama. all part of the hustle.

Trap Talez. on
Room 109: Action Drama
Slice, a Jersey City drug dealer, determined to win back ex-girlfriend Sharon, who is currently in a relationship with G-low. The film takes a vivid look at street violence, blackmail, corrupt cops and murder, while working to expose the price that is sometimes paid for an "image," as Malachi puts it.
LIAR: Horror Drama
After a series of abuse, Etta, Adelle and Hannah are in a state of depression. There is a man that lives in the trailer park they all live in. His name is Whittiker. He witnesses the three women being abused and helps them rid themselves of these horrible men. Before helping them, he states that they all must make payment to him when he comes calling. This puts the women into a state of panic wondering what the payment will be.
Directed by Todd Braley.
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