The Cradle of Truth | Beekeping Doc
The importance of bees cannot be understated. This documentary delves into the great impact bees have on our world and why we need to learn skills to keep them around.

This film is in Georgian with English subtitles on screen.
The Knockumentary | Rap Life Documentary
Radical Body Transformations | Bodybuilding Series
Bodybuilder and filmmaker James Hergott meets people from all walks of life yearning to transform their bodies as they embark on their journey towards inner and outer growth and development in this inspiring documentary series, starring James Hergott and various special guests including the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Jaws Finatics | Mega Fanfilm
This feature length documentary film explores the profound effects of the imfamous 1970's horror flick "Jaws", as told by those who know it the best; the Jaws Finatics.

The movie features Jaws franchise megafans, with massive collections of memorabilia, uncountable rewatchings, memory of every scene, shot and iconic line. These Finatics have forged meaningful lifelong connections to the movie, which has resonated with so many... truly something that film buffs, critics, historians alike
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