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The BEST in ORIGINAL Horror and spooky Halloween flicks to cuddle up to!

The Beginning of the End...A very dysfunctional family must learn to work together as it seems the dead have risen.
Winner of Best Web Series (2016)
Safeword: BDSM Horror
A fetish party goes awry when a rape fantasy scene goes too far.

Sexual content. Viewer Discretion is strongly advised.

Poster for the film SAFEWORD (2011) Horror BDSM Thriller.
Gamekeeper (2016) Horror Thriller
Missing in action, a soldier hides as a Gamekeeper working on a rich eccentrics land. However, the Gamekeeper is not just missing in action; he has a secret stolen from a military base in Afghanistan. While the Gamekeeper is trying to keep a low profile he tries to keep at bay teenage trespassers but he doesn't just see teenagers trying to have a good time.
The Gamekeeper (2016) Horror Movie, Murder/Thriller
A StacksTV.xyz Exclusive!
From Producer Peter Kane and Wandering Kane Productions.
Misfit (2016) Horror Thriller
After being relentlessly picked on and abused by her peers, a teenage girl is befriended by an unlikely person. Roman Omatic. Roman teaches Stiches the finer points of exacting revenge on her tormentors.

MISFIT came from an idea that Director Todd E. Braley had after doing a horror themed photo shoot with a local model. "The idea has been done before, BUT not in the way we are planning on doin
Creepers: 4 Horror Stories
One dark and stormy night the tax man pays a visit to an eccentric horror fan who keeps the unwelcome guest distracted by telling him 4 tales of terror from the stories of Joe R. Lansdale, Edgar Allan Poe, Lafcadio Hearn and Jeff Strand.
Horror stories from the best horror writers of their time. Creepers delivers thrills and chills to audiences that love and appreciate the classic horror genre for its artistry. Produced by Mike Lyddon with music by Barbara J Weber.
Dark Passenger: 6 Stories
Six stories that center around characters dealing with their personal demons and trying to keep their dark passengers at bay. Leigh finds herself in the middle of a sexual game of cat and mouse between the man she is stalking and his young seductress. Mary is a serial killer who has lost the connection she used to feel to her victims, until she becomes the target of somebody else's disturbing behavior. Two women plan to murder their mutual lover -- for one woman he is the love of her life, for t
Final Haunting: Paranormal
Two parallel realities and a baby as the link between past and present. A stunning presentation of paranormal horror from the unique eye of director Flaminia Graziadei. The Final Haunting won Best Actor in the 2015 London Independent Film Festival.
Double Feature: 2 Films
Two films in one dramatic double feature from award winning Director Todd Braley
Silence - When Kaitlyn is brutally raped her world is thrown into chaos.
This film was an Official Selection of the New Hope Film Festival and donned an Honorable Mention.
Dramatic Psychological Thriller
"ME, A RAPIST?" - A serial rapist begins to question who he is and why he has become what he has become.
'Me, A Rapist' & 'Silence' (2015) Stacks TV Two Movie Double Feature.

Two movies in one pack!
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