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Two amazing films by two amazing filmmakers.
Abstract look into the depths of one man's mind as he copes with an unbearably gruesome tragedy.
Directed by Jordan M. Lacroix
From Guilt Trip Productions, Bryce Declan Images, and Laughter Slaughter Films
Starring Brett J. Kelly, Alena Teply, Justin Martins, and David Hadley.
The Runaway Queen
A short film about the struggles of a woman who risks everything to bring life to a character from her best friend
Action drama on StacksTV.xy
love sex hate poster
Dangers: Crime Drama
This Crime Drama deals with drug dealing, gunfights, and what happens when you need to fight for survival in a tough environment.

Starring Vanessa Hamilton and James Rodriguez. With music from Womb and a special appearance from Top Brazilian Jujitsu Fighter Renato Tavares.
From Director Morgan Quigley and Writer Ramon Richardson comes a furious film slated to blow your mind and leave you on the edge of your seat.
Audiences will love Dangers of the Tongue. A real brutal action drama. Rated R
Silence/Me,a Rapist: Dramas
Two films in one dramatic double feature from award winning Director Todd Braley
Silence - When Kaitlyn is brutally raped her world is thrown into chaos.
This film was an Official Selection of the New Hope Film Festival and donned an Honorable Mention.
Dramatic Psychological Thriller
"ME, A RAPIST?" - A serial rapist begins to question who he is and why he has become what he has become.
This film won 2 awards at the Yuma Film Festival: Best Director & Best Actor
Dramatic Psychological
interrogation room 109 poster
Urban action drama at its finest. Interrogation room 109 in action packed and well worth a watch. Check it out on stacksTV.xyz ! Interrogation Room 109: Action Drama Movie.
The Cuddle: Romance
A war broke them apart but love will keep them together."
Based on true events during the Mumbai Attacks of 2008.
Kolkata. The intellectual capital of India. A very smart, sensitive young Indian boy studies for his PhD in Nano particles while dreaming of traveling the world by foot. He meets a beautiful Pakistani girl and that left to study films. They fall madly in love and everything seems perfect... Until a turn of fate rocks them forever.
Written by Sounak Mukhopadhyay
Bollywood, Romance
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